Illustrations inspired by song "Trofea"- by Dawid Podsiadło
"My shadow is not me"
(by Judit Mentado Sánchez) 

My shadow is not me.
 Then, why does it move along with my body? 
Perhaps it is not a part of me either. 
Maybe there is no me anymore. 

What really makes me what I am, If all of my parts can be detached and sold in pieces?

 Am I even a woman? What is a woman? 

My kids are dying to see me;
 I am (just) dying.

 I am burned alive till I see my own bones protruding as a rotten tree branch. 
My veins melt inside my arm, from the first time they inject me with the deadliest of chemicals; 
My skin is thin and scorched over a rash as red as the blood I lack. 
When the moment comes, I must be still; 
the slightest movement can be fatal. 

But love was telling me that that was what I needed to do, to fight. 
For whatever dares to come next, take my breast as a warning sign.
 I feel the urge to live.
WRAP x Art and Design Belonging project - illustration about breast cancer, collaboration with Judit Mentado Sánchez 
Polish collocations - stickers' design
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