The digital visual book and a physical booklet titled "Why Are Poles So Rude?" is about differences and culture shocks between Poland and the United Kingdom. When I first moved out of my home in Poland after graduating from sixth form college to study in the UK in 2020, during Covid-19 pandemic and at the time of Brexit, it was a very difficult time period for me, associated with many emotions and a lot of stress. In the project, I wanted to express my inner thoughts as a person torn between two different realities of two different countries. I wanted to highlight the importance of empathy in learning about cultural differences. The reason behind the title of my book - "Why Are Poles So Rude?" is based on my personal experiences. The project's aim is to challenge this stereotype. After moving to the UK, I have realised Poles are often viewed as weird and mean by others, due to their different mentality. Using some pages from the book, I have also made five posters for the Creative Changemakers Competition.
"Why Are Poles So Rude?" - the digital book and the physical booklet
"Why Are Poles So Rude?" - posters for the Creative Changemakers Competition
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